Thursday, July 9, 2009

Deconstructing the diaper cake

Morning all! Today, I thought I'd share a Girlie Diaper Cake I made for my friend's shower this past weekend. You can check out the baby boy version I made on this post. These are so fun to make! You can read below for some basic instructions. For this girlie cake, I even incorporated some papercrafting on it by adding a few die cuts of the Beautiful Butterflies Bigs die...Here's a couple of pictures so you can check it out. The "rosettes" on the cake are made out of onesies. Isn't that fun?
Here's a front view of the cake. I ended up using 2 packs of diapers!

Here are the supplies I used:
*2 packs of diapers (36 count, size 1 and 2)
*2 generic baby bottles
*1 pack of clear hair rubber bands and regular rubber bands of various sizes
*Rose Red Grossgrain ribbon, Beautiful Butterflies die cuts

{Basic Instructions}
1. You will be using the 2 bottles as the center "post." I filled them with chocolates, so you surprise the parents when they get to the middle :) Put these aside for now.
2. Starting with the diapers, open up both packs. Roll each of the diapers starting from the open end and rolling into the fold and secure it with a clear hair rubberband. You should have 72 when you finish rolling the 2 packs.
3. To begin creating the cake, take one of the bottles and 1 diaper and wrap a rubber band around both of them. You'll want to use a bigger rubber band, because this band will be the "outer ring" holding your first layer of diapers around this bottle. Repeat by inserting the diapers around the bottle until the bottle is circled with diapers.
4. You will be adding two more outer layers to this first tier of diapers, so repeat what you did in step 3 with a slightly larger rubber band (or just make sure it's able to stretch to hold your 2nd outer layer). Add diapers all the way around. Repeat for the 3rd outer layer.
5. Now, you're gonna build up. The 2nd tier has 2 layers of diapers around. Here are a couple of pictures of what the cake should look like when you finish your 2nd tier.
You can see the individually wrapped diapers and the rubber bands securing each layer as you build out from the center.
Here's the top view - you can see the bottle anchors the center of the whole diaper cake.

6. For the 3rd tier, you will be placing the 2nd bottle in the center, stacking it on top of the first bottle, so you can build out your last top tier. This last tier will only have 1 layer of diapers around the bottle. You may have a few extra diapers at the end.
7. You can now embellish your cake! I wrapped ribbons around the center of each layer to hide the rubber bands, but you could also cover with a band of cardstock or whatever you come up with!

For the girlie cake, I added the rosettes, but I've seen all sorts of embellishments with stuffed animals, other die cuts, toys, etc. Let your creativity move you! Hope this little tutorial was helpful. Thanks for visiting! Have a great day.


Aimee said...

Rose, this is just beautiful! You can go into business just making these! It looks like it should be featured in a magazine...awesome job!

Anonymous said...

This diaper cake looks great! The boy diaper cake from April looks wonderful!
Thank you for the instructions!
Take care!