Friday, March 8, 2013

New Photopolymer stamps!

Hi there blog friends!  Happy Friday!  How are you all? Hope you're doing well.  I know I've been quiet for a little while and I can't believe it's already almost mid-March!  I did want to pop in here real quick to share Stampin'Up!'s new Photopolymer stamps.  It's an awesome clear stamp option for those of you that like to see EXACTLY where you're stamping!  I am very excited that Stampin'Up! is offering this new stamp option.  I'd encourage you guys to try and give me some feedback of what you think.  I'm hoping to post some samples by next week, when I get my hands on my own set! :)

So now, I wanted to leave you with a fun little tidbit from my day.  On the start of my yucky commute  home from work, I got the best serendipitous surprise on the 405 Fwy.  Can you guess what it was?  No, it's not even traffic related!  I actually got to see a Double Rainbow!  Let me just say that it's not very common over here.  For one, it doesn't rain that often, so when it does, it's rare that you see a rainbow, let alone 2!  So, I'm taking this little sighting of mine as a sign for good things to come :)  Here's a snapshot I took.  I wasn't "technically" driving at the time since my car was stopped in traffic.  Heehee.

Double rainbow in LA - Mar 8, 2013