Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Dell Mini gets a makeover

I had fun decorating my Mini with these Eclectic Circles decor elements! These are the small sized ones and come in a set of 5 circles (these are also a subset of the designs from the Circle Circus stamp set). Wanna see what I did? newly made over Mini:And here's another picture, for good measure. Here, my Mini is sitting on top of it's Laptop Sleeve that I purchased from the Etsy site, Bertie's Closet. Decor elements are pretty easy to work with. You can use them on a lot of different surfaces, not just your walls! Hope this gave you some ideas of how to incorporate vinyl art on your everyday items. Have a great day!


~amy~ said...

cute, cute, cute...what you've done with your Dell Mini and that sweet laptop sleeve :)

Anonymous said...

are they easily removable? Or do they leave a gunky residue situation?

Aimee said...

Soo cute! I need to decorate my laptop still...AND I just got the G3 phone! So excited...internet wherever I go, MP3 Player and much more. :)