Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sharing some new supplies to my sewing arsenal

I'm sure you've gathered that I'm on my newfound sewing kick, so I thought I'd take today's post to share a few things I've added to my sewing arsenal. As I had mentioned earlier this week, I took the plunge and purchased the Janome Sew Mini online at Hancock Fabrics. Here's the box it came in - no exterior packaging - I found it on my doorstep just like that. For $39.99 (with tax and shipping, that really means about $51ish), I think it's definitely worth it! I lucked out and got it on sale. I think it's normally around $60ish. Now imagine me - stamper, papercrafter, occasional hobby jewelry maker/designer - getting into yet another hobby {sewing}. Unfathomable, right? That's what my dear husband said {smile}. Well, I tell you - these darn talented papercrafting bloggers just made me do it! I've oohed and ahhed for months now at all these beatiful stitched card projects! I had no choice but to learn to SEW! So, of course, I head over to JoAnn's and get a few basic supplies.

Part of the reason why I didn't bust out the machine on day 1 was because I had NO THREAD! Sad, but true. So, after watching the tutorials on GinaK's StampTV over and over, I decide to get a few basic colors - neutrals and some brights - that I think would complement my card palette. I discovered that looking at thread could be overwhelming! So the spools in the picture are the ones that I went with for now.

Next was the fabric. Since I am embarking on this new hobby to augment my papercrafting, I figured little bits of fabric would do, and a whole bunch of felt, which I could also use for my big shot. This is my starter assortment. I'm sure you'll recognize the fabric I used for my Tissue Holder (or Tissue Cozy, as I fondly call my project). I got these squares that are 18"x21", which most people would call rectangles, but they were labeled as squares! Go figure. Anyway, this is all my sewing stuff. For starters. Let's hope I keep things under control and not get overbudget on yet another hobby! Though, I have to admit, I've enjoyed making a handful of those tissue cozies as my practice project :)

Thanks for letting me share - have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing some sewing projects!
I started making a quilt a few years ago; it is still hanging in my closet... not finished +:-/
Good luck!