Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Freebie Friday 14!

Hello there! Happy Good Friday to you all. I can't believe that Easter is already this Sunday! Before kicking of this weekend's festivities, how about playing for today's giveaway? So, for this week's Freebie Friday, I'm giving away a Stamp Set! The stamp set is So Many Scallops, which is a great complimentary set to the Stampin'Up! Scallop Circle punch. Are you ready to play? In order to participate in today's giveaway, all you have to do is leave me a comment with your email address or blog url on this post by midnight Pacific time today - Friday, April 10th. You can comment on anything or answer today's question: What do you have planned for this weekend or what are your family's Easter traditions? As for me, we're doing an Easter Brunch with my parents. Growing up, we had a bigger Easter celebration with family and it would also involve a Beach or picnic outing on the Saturday before that included our annual Easter Egg Hunt! Those were the days. Look forward to hearing from you!

Hope you guys have a great day today. Thanks for visiting and playing ;)


Pam said...

How fun!! My families Easter traditions were to sit around, drain easter eggs and decorate the shells, then hang them on a bunch of pussy willows eventually ending up with a small Easter Tree. Loved doing it as kids...great memories. Me email is Thanks for the chance to win some candy. Have a happy Easter weekend!!

Aimee said...

Hey Rose,

I just emailed my plans to you before I got to your blog. :) I remember my mom would always have my (and my sisters') Easter dresses, gloves and hats hanging out for us on Easter morning and we always had fun-filled baskets.

Happy Easter!

for2nately said...

Hope you have a Happy Easter! We are spending time with various family members this weekend and coloring eggs tomorrow with my kids. thanks for the chance to win!

Karen said...

Hi Rose-Happy Easter! My family is going out for brunch as well. Growing up my Mom would make us 4 kids Easter baksets and then hide them. She'd write each of us a poem as to where our basket was hidden. It was a lot of fun and I cherish those memories. Thanks! Karen Davidson

Ann said...

Hi Rose,
Even though my girls are all teenagers, they still ask me to hide their Easter basket around the house so they can hunt for them when they get up in the morning. :)

Cam said...

Hi Rose,
Happy Easter! We will be spending time and relax with family. Thanks for a chance to win.