Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My first Tent Card!

Morning all! Today, I'm sharing my first tent card based on Ann's template that I posted a couple weeks ago. It's such a great and unique design and they're fun to make too. It's all in the folding. I was just thinking that they would make great place cards because they're not too big and the card design itself has such great presentation. Here's the one I made:Hope you enjoy!

My post is gonna be short and quick because I gotta get my run in this morning! Have a great day!


for2nately said...

super cute Rose! I haven't tried these yet but I'm looking forward to making one too!

Lisa Brown said...

so very cute! Thanks for the sweet award...hopefully, I will get around to posting it soon!

Ann said...

Cute!! Watch out, they become addicting! :)