Saturday, May 23, 2009

My first personal purchase on Etsy!

I'm excited to share my first personal purchase on Etsy! You may have seen these 2 flower frogs make their debut in my Freebie Friday giveaway photo as the background props that held up the gift tags, but I thought they deserved to be showcased on their own as well! I am really happy with my first purchase on Etsy! I found these vintage flower frogs on I've seen these used in a handful of blogs I visit often and I like that they're a functional sort of prop that also adds character to the card and photo as well. So, as soon as I saw these 2 frogs on etsy and had the opportunity to buy, I decided to scoop these up! They are really cool and a nice, heavy weight. I love how they photograph too - it's a fun vintagey feel they bring to the picture.

Have you checked out Etsy yet? It's a fun marketplace that sells handmade items, and unique vintage items as well. Definitely worth a look through if you haven't seen it yet. I'm still getting my bearings around the site...and I know I need to continue developing my site and make it look more like a shop as well! Bear with me and I promise I'll get there! If you have a chance though, definitely go check out the main Etsy site - I think it's worth the while. In the meantime, enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!