Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Liz Miller's Purse card holder

Ok. So I've mentioned the purse card holder a few times since the Demonstrator event a week and a half ago. Well, today I'm gonna post a couple pictures of the purse that got my wheels turning! Liz Miller had a handful of purses on display and they were all just absolutely adorable. This one in particular caught my eye - it was just tooo cute!
Isn't this such a fun project?! What a great gift for Mother's Day or for a girlfriend's birthday! She'll be all set with cards and a pen inside to write notes or thank yous..or whatever she happens to be in the mood to write about! Now, you'll have to stay tuned another day to see my version(s) - I made a few sizes and a couple different styles of purses. I do have a purse (and shoe) fetish thing...I guess it's only natural that I'd be into the card version. It's only a matter of time before I figure out some way to incorporate some cute shoes into papercrafting projects too. I'll have to channel my inner Manolo or Jimmy Choo's :) But that's another time.

Tomorrow, I will share some purses and my reverse-engineered version of the pattern. Til then, hope you have a great day!


for2nately said...

Hi Rose! i can't wait to see your versions! Have a great week!