Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sharing some champagne bubbles

For this last Sunday before Christmas, I thought I would share one of the gifts I made for a friend. These earrings were inspired by a pair of earrings that my friend Cathy made. She was wearing these beautiful white pearl dangly earrings and I loved how they looked. I decided to copy the design and made what I call these "champagne bubbles" because that's what they remind me of - as these little Swarovski pearls dangle on the fine guage silver chain.

Of course, I incorporated my stamping on the tag as part of the packaging!

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend. And if you're out and about shopping for any last minute Christmas presents, I wish you all the luck battling those mall/store crowds! Ciao for now!


jolie newman said...

These are beautiful! I always check your blog when you post something on the udderly awesome group! I LOVE these...Would you consider making another pair for sale? Maybe with only 3 bubbles each? If so...let me know how much.

Ann said...

You are so talented!!!