Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sharing a Trendy Tree

One of my new stamps sets I just got is the Trendy Trees set and I have to tell you all that I just love it! I made my swap for the Spaghetti Factory meeting using this set, but because I was pressed for time to make the 31 swaps, I'm a little embarrassed to admit that what I actually created and swapped was a little too simple for my own taste, so I decided to share a "stepped up" version that I made after the fact. For the most part, it's the same elements as my swap, but on this card, I added the eyelet border, and used ribbon instead of a strip of chocolate chip textured cardstock. It's amazing how little tweaks to a card can do a lot! Here it is - still simple, but slightly more snazzy than my weekend swap effort:

I also wanted to share more info with you all about Sandy Hancock's card basket that I posted yesterday. It does use a 12x12 sheet. Here are my loosely translated instructions that she gave us at the meeting:
*Score paper at 4" and 8", turn the sheet a quarter turn and score again at 4" and 8"
*In the four outer corner squares, score at a diagonal from the outer sheet corner to the bottom corner of each of those outer squares.
*Fold at the score lines to form a box shape, making sure that the corner diagonals are folded towards the center. From the top view, you should see a square with an "x" in the middle, representing the 4 compartments, created by the 4 diagonal squares.
*Punch a 1/4" hole on each of the 4 creased diagonals at about 1/4" from the point.
*String ribbon through these 4 holes and tie a bow to cinch up your basket.

Hope that makes some sense and I hope I didn't confuse you all! I will try and take a pictorial of this so that you can see what I'm talking about...Perhaps this project will be my Freebie Friday giveaway! Just a thought...stay tuned to find out!

Have a great day!


Gina said...

Cute, love this trees!!

Aimee said...

Pretty card and colors. Sorry I missed you at the SF meeting...hope to be at the next one. :)