Friday, March 27, 2009

Freebie Friday 12!

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you all had a good week. I personally am looking forward to the weekend already! It was a busy (but productive) work week for me, so I am definitely ready for the weekend. Are you ready to see today's giveaway? I finally got a chance to play with the new Matchbox Bigz die cut that's in the upcoming Occasions Mini Catalog, so I thought I'd make it today's little freebie giveaway. Here it is:

This picture looks pretty true to size, but if you click on it and bring up the bigger picture, than it definitely looks bigger than it is! It's about 2 3/4"x 2 1/4" x 3/4." I dry embossed the cardstock sleeve using the Texturz small polka dots embossing plate and then I used the beautiful butterflies Bigz die on the Raspberry Tart Paper for the butterfly. I wrapped a belly band around the box to keep everything secure and viola - you have an instant little present or favor box. It's a cute little container that would fit a couple of stamping spots or 2 small stamps, candy, or a pair of earrings. It definitely makes for an adorable presentation, whatever you decide to put in it! The lucky winner of the giveaway will get it filled with something I enjoy eating ;)

Are you ready to play for this cute freebie? In order to participate in today's giveaway, all you have to do is leave me a comment with your email address or blog url on this post by midnight Pacific time today - Friday, March 27th. You can comment on anything or answer today's question: What is your favorite TV show? I have to say that mine is Brothers and Sisters. I LOVE that show and I am still trying to catch up on my episodes I have on Tivo. I'd have to say my second favorite show right now is Flight of the Concords - that just makes me laugh. So now you know a little more about me...I can't wait to read about what you guys watch! The winner will be chosen at random and will be announced on my post Monday morning.

I also wanted to wish my Father-In-Law a Happy Birthday! I hope he has a great day of golf ;)

For those of you that stopped by my blog today, thanks for visiting. Enjoy your Friday! Bye for now...


Melissa Sauls said...

Tooo cute Rose! I'm just dying to get this die. I love how you put the butterflies on it. My favorite show is Grey's Anatomy. I cry every time I watch it and then at the end I always say, "I just LOVE this show!"

Julie A. said...

Hi Rose!

Love the freebie this week. It's very pretty.

My favorite show is 24. There is so much action that I have trouble calming myself down to go to sleep afterward:)

Happy Friday & I hope you have a great weekend!

Julie A.

Alicia said...

Such a cute little box, and I love the butterfly die!
My favorite TV show is Flashpoint. It's new this season, and I just love all the characters in it. So much heart!
Have a great weekend!

martha said...

As my dad would say that box is "pretty darn cute"! I'll have to get that ordered soon.
I actually don't watch TV so don't have a favorite show. I'd rather be stamping!!

ps. love, love, love the box and cards I won a few weeks ago. Thanks again!!

Aimee said...

Adorable freebie! :)
My fav. show...I'm embarrassed to say, is "One Life To Live"...with TIVO I never miss a show...I've been watching since elm. school...I know it kills my brain cells...but I love to watch it. :) Have a great weekend.


for2nately said...

super cute! I just got my matchbox die recently and it is such fun to play with!
I have quite a few favorite tv shows I guess the top two would be the Mentalist and Survivor!
thanks for the chance to win!

Pearlann66 said...

too cute!
My current fav tv shows are Scrubs and CSI:NY

Have a fun weekend!!

Jenifer said...

Hey, Rose! The freebie is so cute! My favorite TV show is NCIS.


Whitney said...

Very cute box...I catch your blog every day! Silly favorite show is "Jon and Kate Plus 8!" Thanks for making such great projects and sharing with us!


seekandkeep said...

Hi! very nice use of the die!
My fave show is CSI the Original show set in Vegas. I tivo it too, so that I don't miss it! Thanks!