Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Fortuitous Finding!

This was a fun accidental discovery! At my stamp class this weekend, we made several cards using the Texturz embossing plates. Well, when one of the girls tried the bigshot, it turned out that her cardstock wasn't placed completely on the embossing plate, so we repositioned it and ran it again through the Big Shot. What we found was that it had a really cool effect! I had recreated it here in this card, where I ran the cardstock through twice, slightly repositioning it to get more emobssing texture. Here's the card I made using the swirly background:

It definitely looks more dramatic in real life. The embossed background actually looks like it has 2 depths - with the first round of embossing a little less pronounced than the second run through. Here's a picture of the exclusive Stampin'Up! Backgrounds Texturz plates so you can check out the different designs. These backgrounds coordinate perfectly with Stampin'Up!'s stamps, but they're so pretty, they'll dress up any of your papercrafting projects!

You should definitely give this 2 step embossing technique a try. Now I'm gonna have to try 2 different patterns to see what that looks like!


Ann said...

What a great idea!!! My embossing plates arrived last night. I'm looking forward to playing with them soon!

Lisa Brown said...

This is great! I love these yexturz plates!