Saturday, February 13, 2010

making my first fabric flower pin

Good morning and Happy Saturday! I've been intrigued with the fabric flower pins that I've been seeing on blogs, stores, and magazines lately, so I thought it was time to deconstruct it and make my own! Luckily, there are lots of helpful tutorials on this, so it wasn't too difficult to figure it out. I found this video by Christie Daugherty to be super helpful! I thought I'd do a quick pictorial of the steps and components for this pretty flower pin. So here we go...
For the pin I made, I used the Flower folds die to create 3 flower layers. I've circled the flowers on the die cut that I used. You might be wondering what kind of fabric I used for this - well I just went to JoAnn's and bought a pack of pre-packaged quiltiing squares that are about 5" precut squares that happen to be sized perfectly for these flowers. They are just light-weight regular fabric, although I know that other folks have used heavier upholstery fabric as well. One 5" fabric square will cover the 2 smaller flowers, and you'll need another square to cover the bigger flower. Each flower uses 4 pieces of fabric, so I picked out 4 different patterns to create each petal. That means you'll need to stack your 4 fabric squares on top of the two smaller flowers on the die and the other 4 squares on the bigger flower. Once the pieces are positioned, you're ready to run it through your Big Shot. Next, you'll want to arrange your 3 flower layers like so: You'll fold each fabric flower in half and then create each flower by "weaving" the 4 flowers over each other. You'll end up with 3 flowers that have 4 heart petals in each of the different fabric prints, as you can see pictured above. You'll want to secure each of the layers with a glue gun (you should watch the video in the link above to see exactly how to do this). Once you have your flower all glued together, you can finish off the back with a pin and the felt scallop circle (again using the glue gun to adhere).
And here's a picture of the front, where I added the button to finish off my flower!
And...viola! Here's the finished flower pinned to the bag. So fun!

You gotta try it out! Fabric Flowers are all the rage these days. You can decorate your bags, shirts, sweaters, even make hair clips - whatever you want! Plus, they make great personalized gifts, too. Hope you enjoyed this! Now, go out and make your own flower pin ;)


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Lauri said...

I just made my first one the other day too! They are SO fun!! I gave it as a gift, though...I love the fabric you chose! Now if SU would just come out with coordinating fabric we would be all set!

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Anonymous said...

I love this!
I will have to try this soon!
Ohhh, I love Lauri's idea of SU! coordinating fabric!
Good luck with your new job tomorrow!
Take care!

Winter said...

Thanks for a great tutorial! The flower is adorable! :)

Zafran ali said...

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