Monday, June 29, 2009

Freebie Friday 25 Blog Candy Winner!

Hi there blog buddies! Happy Monday to you all! I had such a great time reading about everyone's favorite (and some not so favorite, but memorable) birthday memories for this past Freebie Friday question. Thanks so much too, for all the Birthday wishes! You guys are awesome and all the greetings brought a smile to my face :) Despite my actual birthday being on the same day that will forever be remembered as the day that Michael Jackson died, I still managed to have a great birthday. My husband made me a delicious dinner that instigated the eating fest that ensued the rest of the weekend.

As promised, it's my turn to share one of my most memorable birthday memories - it was my 30th birthday... So, the day before, I didn't understand why Michael was so adamant about cleaning the house - my birthday was in the middle of the week, so it wasn't like we were going to have any people over..... or so I thought. Then, on the day of my birthday when I got home from work - all disheveled, mind you - I came home to a houseful of people who all yelled "Surprise" when I walked in the door! I couldn't believe it, because I truly had no idea that that was coming! It was the greatest surprise and I have Michael and all my friends to thank for making it such a fun and memorable day! Michael cooked Lasagna for everyone too - what a sweet fiance he was! (We got married in August of that year.) It was a great birthday.

So, are we ready to hear who the lucky winner of the Freebie Friday 25 blog extravaganza is? The winner of the blog candy is....Lucky #6, who happens to be Martha! WooHoo! Congrats to you, Martha - please email me so I can send you your fun BLOG candy!

Thanks to all of you who left comments and played another round of Freebie Friday! Have a great start to your week!