Friday, November 14, 2014

Clutter girl cleans her craft room

Hi all!  Happy Friday! Now, before I get started,  I have a question for you: Are you more of an organized crafter or a tornado-came-through-your-room kind of crafter?  Well, I would like to say I'm the former, but clearly from the title of this post, I'm the latter. :) As you can imagine, when you couple a crazy work schedule and busy family life, a craft room can quickly go into disrepair if unattended.  Creating a card here, a banner there, and before you know it, it's a hot mess.  So, slowly, I began the process of sorting, organizing and editing. It's still a work in progress, although much more presentable. Today, I'm going to take you behind the scenes of what is now the current view of my craft room. And, to my hubby's delight, you can now walk in it without the danger of stepping on something!

You may recognize the table - it's provided the background of many of my crafting projects! :)  Prior to the table, I was a "floor crafter".  I'm happy to say that not only does the table provide a more friendly work surface, but it also has a nice shelf beneath for storage and keeping things nice and tidy.

This piece of furniture is from Ikea - it's a workhorse and houses many of my supplies.  What I love is that the baskets are great for organization and storage and are a great way to keep things looking neat.

I got this from a big box store and love that it houses my buttons, ribbons and accessories.  You may recognize a few of these projects on display, too.  Time for me to update with this holiday season's crafts!

Here's a look at my work area.  When I need to sit and design something, this is where it happens.  On my desktop, you'll also see those 2 Ott lights on top.  These are great for taking pictures of projects when there's not enough daylight.  Hence, these are my go-to light sources since I often craft at night.

This is a view that you may have seen in this post.  I started my craft room cleanup and organization here. These cabinets used to have a hodgepodge of crafting supplies. Now, they house most of my clear mount stamps, card stock, and an assortment of Big Shot dies.  You wouldn't know that all this stuff was in there....

See?  My kitty Ollie loves to be the helper in my craft room and now makes sure I put everything back when I work on projects. :)

Thanks for stopping by today!  Now that I have a cleaner and more usable craft space, I'm inspired to craft more often and share with you all. Have a great day!

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~amy~ said...

Looks awesome!

walchowDesign said...

Your craft room looks so big and very well organised! How I wish I have such a big room!