Friday, November 16, 2012

Simply Sent! There's an app for that..

Happy Friday, dear blog friends! I'm actually trying out a couple of things with this post - 1) I'm using the blogger mobile app and 2). I am trying out Stampin'Up!'s new mobile app called Simply Sent! It's an awesome little app that allows you to compose a digital scrapbook page right on your phone! Currently, it's available for the iPhone and it's Free! Here's my first layout. Lemme know what you think! And if you have an about you try it out and let me know what you think of the new app! Look forward to hearing from you!

I'll be back soon with another post...lots of things to share. And now that I'm mobile enabled, I may just be blogging more frequently.

For those of you that recall - I did have a mobile app before, but it was no longer supported. The great news is that this app is a new release from blogger (they have it for Android, too). So, if you're a blogger, it's a nice mobile option :)

Ok - gotta run for now. See you guys in a bit. Have a great Friday!