Sunday, August 30, 2009

{Keeping cool...}

Remember the other day when I said we have no AC and only have a fan? Well, here's the solution we usually come up with during the summer months: This is the beach we go to, and the peninsula in the background is the hill where we live. As you can see, lots of people had the same solution. Hanging out at the beach and going into the water was definitely the fun and relaxing way to cool down this weekend! We usually go to the beach pretty regularly on the weekends during the summer months, however, this has only been our second trip this season. We've had lots of marine layer and fog this year, so our summer beach trips are starting late. But, it sure is kicking up the temps in a big hurry - hotter than usual! As for the fire situation in Southern CA, the fire in Palos Verdes has been contained, however, if you look in the distance in the picture below, looking north from the beach is a different scenario: Those thick plumes of smoke you see in the background are about 50 miles away, so you can just imagine how big this fire is. Thankfully, the winds have been nominal, so hopefully, those conditions will help the fire fighters control this blaze. Let's hope for cooler weather soon! Just a smidge in the 70s :)


Jane said...

Ah the beach! I miss the Croatian cost......that fire does look nasty....we get a lot of fires during the summer months too.

Anonymous said...

The beach looks like so much fun!
The swimming pool has only been closed for a week now, and we already miss going!
Take care!