Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Confessions of a craft blogger...

I came across a blog post today that made me laugh. Out loud even. Maybe because it struck a nerve with me, but I think the scenarios she described in her post have happened at least once, if not more often, to the the everyday paper crafts blogger. What am I talking about? First, you need to check out this post on Paperlicious's site. Did you read it? Well, before you continue reading, you should, cuz then the rest of my blog post will probably make more sense ;)

She frames the post as a "Dear Abby" sort of post where the blogger writes in frustration about why people arent' leaving her (or him) comments on their blog. This part is what I thought was funny - she gives a conventional feel good answer, as well as a more thought provoking kind of answer that I think rings true at least at one point or another to the craft blogger - she cites lots of examples of potential blog pitfalls. And, in the final analysis, she tells us...they just might not be that into you! Which, I thought was hilarious, because I am defintely one to admit, every now and then, I think..."Hmmm..why didn't people comment (or visit)?" And then my brain goes through every scenario: is my card just flat out ugly?...did I say something offensive?...did I commit some crafting faux pas...etc., etc., etc. And the self doubt begins to sink in. Well, it's at that point in time that I remind myself that:
{I'm doing this for fun...}
{I like sharing what I make..}
{Not everything will appeal to everyone all the time}
{And....IT'S OK!}
So I continue to push on. Another day, another post. Yay - comments. 1 or 2; none or lots. Ultimately, the fact of the matter is, I enjoy blogging and look forward to creating and sharing. So for all you fellow bloggers and dear readers, thanks for visiting, even if you don't comment. But if you like what you see, and you've never commented before, I challenge you to give it a try. Especially if you have your own blog! That way, I can come and visit you, too. No pressure, though. You can be a silent visitor...I'm ok with that.

I've enjoyed making friends with a lot of you out there, and it would have never happened if I never started this little blog. I appreciate you coming to see me at my "virtual home." Feel free to pop in for a quick sec or stay awhile - your choice :)

Have a good one. And THANKS, Paperlicious, for putting it all in perspective :)


Joan B said...

Why thank you!!

~amy~ said...

okay, I'll have to pop over to Joan's blog...she's been cracking me up with the lunchroom couple but I guess I missed the blogging post....btw, I love your blog :)

Jane said...

I get caught up in that....I have the I want to please everyone is not fun that way!!! And I've lost who I am because I'm busy being who I think people want me to ROCK whether you get 0 comments or 100!

Winter said...

Thank you for posting this! I read her post, and it made me laugh! I loved the part about the frayed ribbon! It really is a wake up call, to quit trying to be someone more likeable, and just be you! Thanks! :)

Aimee said...

lol...that's pretty funny! Glad we're all in this together. I got more comments than usual (on blog and emails) for my bears and thought, "Oh, they must really like this better than anything else I've done."
Cute post.

for2nately said...

Hi Rose!
FYI I love eveything you post! Sometimes when you are running through your google reader you just don't have time to post a comment-at least that is usually my excuse. ;) Hope you are having a great week!

Dee Tollaksen said...

It is Reader that is to blame, while it organizes all my favorites, like your blog, it doesn't let me comment! Come see my blog, and tell me if I have any frayed ribbon!

Anonymous said...

I do not have a blog and envy those who do, but I so enjoy looking at other stamper's blogs! I don't often comment only for time's sake! Had I known it was that important...well, I'll be commenting more often now because I love your blog and want to show my appreciation!


Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of your blog. I have about 60 blogs bookmarked -and that's just Stampin Up demo blogs! Of course I can't view all 60 each time I get a chance to be on-line. I usually only have time to view about 10, but yours is ALWAYS one that I visit. Because of time constraints I find it difficult to leave comments all the time. And I must confess, I thought if I left a comment each time you posted, you might think that I was a stalker - lol! Bonnie/So. Cal

Cindy Major said...

haha, I had a good laugh at that one. They're just not that into me, either... But they still keep on visiting! ;D