Friday, August 14, 2009

Freebie Friday! 2nd Chance at the Grocery Bag

Hello there! This week just flew by and I feel like I am all over the place! But, I have not forgotten about Freebie Friday - in fact, I'm gonna give away another one of the Stampin'Up! Shopping bags - same as last week. Here's a picture again:
This week though, you're playing for the bag in the front! I love that bag :)

In order to play for this week's giveaway, all you need to do is leave me a comment along with your blog website or email address on this post by midnight on Sunday, August 16th! You can comment about anything or answer this question: Do you do any shopping online? If so, what is your favorite online shopping site? As always, I'm looking forward to reading up on the sites you visit!

For my last 2 Freebie Friday winners....I haven't forgotten about you - your goodies are gonna get dropped off in the mail today! Hope you all have a great day! Ciao for now.


martha said...

Stampin' UP! gets most of my on-line shopping money! Amazon Books is second!
Love the shopping bag. I use cloth bags all the time and love them. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

Cyndy said...

Most of my online shopping --is wishful dreaming --but in search of great deals. However most of what I actually order online is Stampin' Up! supplies!

Winter said...

Hey Rose! I do some on-line shopping, but not alot! I like to order from PTI & WalMart(that way I don't have to pay for shipping, they send it to the store in my area!) I have heard that overstock is pretty good too! Have a Blessed Day! :)

Alison said...

I think it's a tie between Amazon and

Reusable bags is where I get most of my shopping bags, my SIGG bottles, and lots of other fun stuff.

Amazon - well you can get everything!

LeAnne said...

Hmmm, I shop lots of different places--mostly for stamps,I confess! SU, CHF, Eclectic I need to go on? These bags are so pretty! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

for2nately said...

My favorite online shopping #1 SU and #2 Ebay. Of course one WAY outways the other ;) thanks for the chance to win!

sherry said...

I online shop @ e-bay, of course, stampin up and sometimes on their Tuesday specials. I'm glad we get another chance at the shopping bags. They are so pretty.


Krista said...

My online shopping is momAgenda, Bath & Body Work, Gap and Old Navy.
I love when they offer free shipping or some other type of specials for having their credit card and shopping online. Love those shopping bags, I'm a fan of BAGS!!

Jonathan, Rachel, Greta said...

Hi Rose! Love the new blog layout.
Yes, I do as much shopping online as possible! Too bad Trader Joe's isn't online! It's the best way to go when you've got a little one. Just SO much easier. I guess my fav site would depend on what I am shopping for. But, the overall winner would have to be Amazon. You can really find anything. Also, the perfect solution for sending a gift to the UK ( Love it!

Jonathan, Rachel, Greta said...

Oh yes, forgot to say - I always use Google's shopping site (Froogle) when I know what I'm looking for. They search all shopping sites and will just show me the best deal straightaway!

Jane said...

I do all my crafty shopping on line!! Gorgeous bag!!

Pearlann66 said...

I agree with Cyndy alot of my online shopping is just window shopping! i put alot of stuff in baskets but never check out!
I have bought a lot of stuff from they have lots of stuff they don't have in their stores!

Anonymous said...

I, of course, buy my SU online. Other than that, I have only bought two things online - a tv series a couple of years ago from amazon, and a beautiful little gift card purse from etsy just a few months ago! ~:-)
Thank you for the chance to win!
Take care!

Lisa Brown said...

Hi Rose! Those bags are so cool! I know you must have had a blast at convention! ----Other than ordering my SU! online, I like to shop at Sephora and Amazon.
Thanks for the chance to win!

Cam said...

How cool you're giving out and another chance to the bag. Thanks Rose. I don't do much online ordering except for SU. Sigh. Have a good weekend.

SamieVt said...

Living in a very small town in the Northern corner of VT there are no shopping outlets near. I do 80% of my shopping online. I just signed up as Stampin Up demonstrator and am excited to see what is in store for me in the future ... I am discovering that there are so many products that I was unaware of. I love connecting with others and learning from their inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Hello Rose-

There are 2 places where I spend way too much money:) I spend the most money on SU supplies, but I don't normally order directly from the site. The other place I spend a lot of money is eBay. My husband calls me the eBay queen. LOL!

It looks like you had a week full of excitement with the convention & your anniversary. It was so neat seeing you on Maureen's blog. She is another very talented stamper and such a sweet person.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Janine said...

Hi Rose
I mostly shop on-line at Stampin Up, but I do occasionally shop at the Body Shop, I just love their products. Love the shopping bag. Have a great weekend.

Jenifer said...

I don't do a lot of online shopping besides Stampin' Up!, but I do order from to get things that aren't available in the stores.


jmniffer said...

Amazon gets the majority of my on-line shopping bucks. So many things you can get there besides books! Love the reuseable bags and use them for daily errands and shopping. jmniffer

Lola G. said...

Shopping online is such a wonderful option. I suppose Amazon is the site I use most often, and I do order from some craft sites. I also like to support our "local" stamp stores (the closest one for me is about 45 minutes away). More and more frequently, though, it's Stampin' Up! goodies that are on my wish list.

Thanks for another opportunity to win a beautiful bag!

Lola G.