Friday, February 7, 2014

Valentine Mini Cupcakes!

Hi there, blog friends!  Happy Friday! This past weekend, I was feeling festive and inspired to make some Valentine mini cupcakes for my workshop.  I couldn't resist the cute sprinkles that were calling my name at the grocery store and so I thought, why not? Well, I'm pleased to say I had fun making them.  I think that since it involves "creating", it was a very therapeutic, yet fun task for me. :)  So, the picture above is a subset of my finished baking project.  Of course, I had to embellish with some flags made out of Polka Dot Parade DSP.
Well, wouldn't you know it - the batch made 30 cupcakes, so I definitely had a bunch left over.  Way too many for my little guy, hubby and I to eat up.  So, I decided to share with my neighbors.  This is where packaging at the ready comes in handy!
This cute Decorative Window Gift Box was a perfect size for 4 mini cupcakes!  The height and width really were just perfect!  Here's what my little neighbor goodie looked like after packaging them all up!
I got to use the Scalloped Tag Topper Punch yet again!  I love having this punch.  It turns out, it's been pretty handy to have!  My heart tags were super easy and quick to put together, too! I used the Full Heart punch and then embellished the bottom of the tag with a little fringe border, which I whipped up in a snap with the Fringe Scissors.  All in all, my overstock of mini cupcakes turned into a fun little neighbor gift-giving moment. Not only that, but back at the home front, I got to cherish my little guy's enjoyment of savoring his cupcakes.  Or, as he says "cut cakes." :)

Hope you have a fantastic Friday!


Norma said...

Rose, these were so yummy and I loved the packaging:)Darn I wish I would of ordered them with all my other things:) Cute for sure:) Have a fantastic weekend!