Saturday, May 28, 2011

May Final Friday Winner!

Hi all!  Hope you guys had a good week!  Sorry for being a day late to post this, but I had the lovely surprise of getting a virus on my computer not fun!  After spending all morning researching and working to get it off of our computer, I think I was able to quarantine and take care of it {fingers crossed}.  So, without further adieu, one day later....let's find out who the winner is, shall we?  So the lucky winner is....
Lucky #7, who happens to be Brenda H!  Congrats, Brenda!

Thanks all for playing in May's abbreviated Final Friday Giveaway!  I will let you all enjoy the rest of your Memorial Day weekend.  I'll try and post more crafty things soon...I promise!

Toodles, for now :)


Brenda H. said...

Woohoo, I'm SO excited!! 'Love fun freebies! You're such a sweetie. . . thanks so much for your generosity! Sending you an email with my addy. . .