Sunday, May 22, 2011

2nd Stop on our Safari - Tarangire National Park!


Tarangire, a set on Flickr.

Hi all! The second stop on our safari was Tarangire National Park and it was absolutely amazing! After we landed, we were greeted by our guide, Alex, who took us on our first game drive on the way to our 2nd lodge - the Tarangire Treetops. Not only were the accomodations to die for, but as soon as we left the airstrip, we saw lots of amazing animals, too! I was so fascinated by the beautiful birds from the start, then we saw a parade of elephants and a leapard in a tree! It was truly incredible. I learned that when you go on safari, you want to keep an eye out for the Big 5 - Elephant, Buffalo, Leopard, Lion, and Rhino. I'm so happy to report that we saw ALL of them on our trip! In Tarangire, we saw two of the Big 5 - we saw tons of elephants and lucked out by seeing a leopard in a tree during the first half hr of our game drive! {We were told later that leopards are typically hard to spot, since they are usually alone, unless they're mating or have cubs}. Overall, we were delighted to see so many animals - it was always a treat to learn about new ones, too! My animal repertoire has definitely increased since this trip. Hope you enjoy these pictures. In the next week or so, I'll try and recap a few of our favorite new animals that we discovered on the trip!

Good night for now! The last two destinations to come soon....


~amy~ said...

How what was the weather like...really hot? Such fun pics!

Jane said...

CRAZY Amazing!!!!! WOW!!!

Julie A. said...

Hi Rose! You are quite the photographer! So many awesome photos. I love the ones of the sunset and all of the beautiful animals. Looks like you and your hubby had an amazing time. Thanks for sharing:)