Saturday, August 14, 2010

Finally...August's Final Friday Freebie is here!

Hello there blog peeps!  I know it's taken me a while to post this month's Final Friday giveaway, but at last, here it is.  How fun is this Animal Cracker set?  Look familiar?  I had given one of these sets out before as well!  Wanna find out how you can win it? 

Here are the rules {only enforced by the "Honor System"}:
1. Leave me a comment on this post by midnight Pacific Time, Wed, August 25th, 2010.
2. On your comment, please make sure to include a valid email address or a blog URL (where I can leave a comment or have a way of contacting you). For those of you that are uncomfortable with leaving an email in a post, you can write your info like this: yourname at emailaccount dot com.
3. One comment per person please. :)
4. Anyone can play - international visitors welcome!

You can leave me a comment about anything you'd like, or you can answer this question.  Are you a Mac or a PC?  Random question, I know.  I am a PC wishing I were a Mac, I think.  I'm intrigued with the Mac, but maybe it's because I have such a fascination with Apple products at the moment.  For you Mac users out there, I would love to hear your thoughts...and same goes for PC's, about what you like best about your computers.  Look forward to reading your comments!

I'll be announcing the lucky winner on Friday, August 27th, so come back and visit!
Have a great day!


sweet craf-tea chick said...

hi rose!
happy happy saturday! what a cute stamp set! thank you for the chance :)! so generous of you!
i am currently a pc user. i used the mac in school...never really purchased one. before, the macs did not have programs that we used often like Word and Excel, but i believe they have those programs now. everyone who uses the mac seems to LOOOOVE them (i have two friends who are great fans of the mac). i may try one out one day. heard they have less buggie bugs and have great vid editing software.
have a wonderful day!
*hugs* steph :)

SamieVt said...

Been surging your blog today and love your creativity! You do beautiful work and I am never disappointed when I visit. I will have to add you to my SU friends on my blog if I can every figure out how to add url's!!! Thanks for sharing and thanks for offering blog candy!

Alie de Vrij-Venema said...

Hi Rose,
What a great candy (again)! Thanks!
Well I'm a PC, I've never used a Mac before so I don't know the differences. But what I don't know, I cannot miss..

Hugs Alie

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose,
Cute blog candy. I keep trying to win. I'm a PC user, never used a Mac and don't really want to learn a new system. Guess I'm getting old. I don't have this stamp set so it would be nice to win.

Kathy Martin said...

What a great stamp set! Would love to win those adorable little critters! :) I have a PC desk top and an Apple iPad. LOVE my new iPad!

Anonymous said...

I have a mac that I adore, I will never go back to pc. My Mom, sister and aunt have also bought mac's because I told them how nice they are and they all love them now. So easy and they don't crash. I just bought a new macbook pro and gave my old macbook to my dd. Everything is just easier with a mac. Thanks for the opportunity to win.


for2nately said...

Hey Rose! I am a pc user myself. i have no knowledge whatsoever about Macs so I'd be afraid to change. thanks for the chance to win your adorable stamp set!

Princess Danell said...

MAC, baby! I've been a Mac owner/user for about 18 months. Will never, NEVER go back. Now that makes it a little difficult at my house because my hubby is a professional PC geek. If I don't know how to do something, he is not much help. However, Apple has a great website with all kinds of tutorials and lots of people out there to help for free. I have never had a virus on the Mac. My PC, it seemed like weekly. I do not own a ipod, iphone or anything else "i", but I do enjoy my Apple Computer. It took a couple of months to get use to the operation and little things, but is simply heaven. Since our first purchase, we now own 3 laptops and a mega desktop. I have a pathetic pc that just takes us space. No one uses it. They only think I miss on the PC is publisher. But I am using Photoshop a bit. The only problem I ever encounter is trying to open ".doc files from email. I need to get software that will open window programs. Otherwise, BEST ever!
Best luck!

Zgirl said...

Hi Rose -
Came across your blog from the Embellish Mag Challenge. Love your work - its beautiful. Well...I'm like you. I use a PC but would love to switch to a MAC. I hear its fabulous for crafters and for organizing pics. I used a MAC when I was in school and was in love with how simple and easy the programs were to day...I'll switch. Thanks for the chance to win. My blog is: .
Thanks. Naz

peggy nickelson said...

Hi Rose,
Thanks for a chance to win such an awesome stamp set.
I am a PC user. I grew up and still live in Silicon Valley so you think, I might be an Apple fan. I have always found it easy enough to find a great computer (PC) for a great price. That being said, I would like to get an IPad soon. They are great and easy to take with you.
Love your blog and all the creativity you share so freely.

Peggy Nickelson
snickels at msn dot com

Juanita said...

I am loving your blog and your creations.
I am a PC, and happy with being such. I have friends that are MAC, but they have not presented any evidence that makes me feel it is worth the investment to switch over.
You can contact me through my blog;

Anonymous said...

I've always used a pc. I don't know anything about macs-except those who have them love them! I have a love/hate relationship with my pc.
Thanks for sharing all your fun and creative projects. I love checking your blog.
marthaludeking at hotmail dot com

Helen F. said...

Hey Rose, I'm a PC and have been since the beginning of computers :) WOW, that's a long time! However, I have friends who swear by Mac and say that once you try one you will never go back. Yummy candy, thanks so much for the chance to win.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose,

Your kite card is over the top. I'm going to have to get that DSP. I'm a Mac user. It has been easy to use even for a low tech person like me. It was plug and play right out of the box.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! I feel a bit untechy... :( I don't know what a mac is (brand name?), but I think I have a PC because on my laptop it says "HP Pavilion Entertainment PC" on the corner... :) I would ask hubby, but he is in bed... :) I have been weaning myself off of the desktop downstairs, but I do love the big screens! :)
Thank you for the chance to win!

WandaG_CT said...

I use a PC, never have tried the Mac. Would love to try the iPad. What an adorable stamp set. Love your blog, so talented.

jmniffer said...

Hi Rose,
I'm a PC user. I've never used a Mac so I can't compare the two. Thanks for the chance at an awesome stamp set.
jmniffer at comcast dot net

Anonymous said...

I have a PC, never used a Mac. Thank you for sharing your talents with us. CUTE stamp set! Eileen
iebyrne at yahoo dot com

Jaygirl said...

Hi Rose! Cute stamp set. Hope I get picked this time, but if not am cool with it because I enjoy visiting your blog. Am a PC user and happy with what it can offer me.


Noreen said...

Thanks for the chance to win some cute stamps. I am a PC user and have been since I started with computers. I am just about to get a new computer - which will be a MAC - because I have been really not happy with my current not quite 2 year old PC - which only offered Vista when I bought it. I could have bought Windows 7 a few months after I got my PC - but I didn't think I should have to pay to replace a defective system. So I am switching to Macintosh which doesn't have the issues because theirs is a better quality product.
Was this more than you wanted to know? :0)

barb said...

Had to leave a comment on this post, rose. Most def. a MAC person here. I was never so happy to ditch our pc and get our 27" "mac daddy" a few months ago. I love the organization of a mac. I guess I was just never patient enough to learn how to use the pc, but the mac and I seem to "click" with each other. lol
love your blog! Keep up the great work.

Marilyn said...

Hi Rose!

I just looked at your blog for the first time and I have to say i LOVE your work! Very nice!
I am a PC person! I don't know why! LOL I think it is easier once you were used with PC to continue with it!!! But who knows? I may become a MAC person one day!
Thanks for the chance of winning this cute stamp set!
I am a demo from Montreal, Canada!
Marilyn Provost

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose---I would have to say I'm a PC user. Thanks for the chance to win some blog candy. I love your blog, you give me inspiration! Thanks again! Karen (

Anonymous said...

I'm a PC, but am becoming more intrigued by the Mac!?!
As always, thanks for the inspiration!