Thursday, July 22, 2010

a day at the {botanical gardens}

Aloha friends!  Today I'm sharing a few snaps of our trip to the McBryde Botanical Gardens, which is in Kauai's Lawai valley.  Some fun facts we just learned was that they just completed filming Pirates of the Carribean a week ago in parts of the garden, so we just missed seeing Johnny Depp {bummer!}.  Sidenote - we did have a star sighting though - we saw Pierce Brosnan on the beach when we were up in Princeville!  Ok - back to our trip to the was beautiful and lush as you can imagine. Here's a look at the beach that they may have filmed in the movie:
And lastly, I put together a little collage of the exotic plants we saw in the gardens.  if you click on the picture below, you'll get to see a larger view.  Enjoy!
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sweet craf-tea chick said...

wow, pretty photos from the botanical gardens! i wish i could visit kauai and maui...hehe. so pretty there! have a great friday! *hugs* and much aloha, steph :)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful beach!
Love the pictures!

Helen F. said...

Beautiful beach~good catch, spotting Pierce...I was in LA area last month and kept flashing photos, just in case there was a movie star or two on Rodeo Drive or Malibu Beach :o)
Gorgeous flowers from the Botanical Garden there too.