Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ready for this month's Final Friday Giveaway?

Hey there blog peeps!  Wow, has this been quite the week!  I know I've said I've been busy before, but on the workfront, I would say this is about as busy as it gets!  Thankfully, I enjoy what I do for my day job, so I guess you can say it's a good busy.  The only downside is that it hampered my crafting time this week - big time!  Well, on that note, let's find out what this month's Final Friday Giveaway is, shall we?  Here it is..
This month's lucky winner will get this awesome stamp set called "Thank You Kindly."  I personally love this set because of the sentiment - you can't have enough Thank You's, and this set has a bunch of cute ones that'll add the right touch to your card.  My favorite is the Thank You stamp in the top left corner.  I love that font!  This stamp set is also very appropo because I wanted to say Thank You to all of you that come by and visit my blog.  I am so very grateful to you all!! So, are you ready to play?
Here are the rules {only enforced by the "Honor System"}:

1. Leave me a comment on this post by midnight Pacific Time, Wed, May 26th, 2010.
2. On your comment, please make sure to include a valid email address or a blog URL (where I can leave a comment or have a way of contacting you). For those of you that are uncomfortable with leaving an email in a post, you can write your info like this: yourname at emailaccount dot com.
3. One comment per person please. :)
4. Anyone can play - international visitors welcome!
You can leave me a comment about anything, or you can answer this question:  What's your favorite and least favorite Fashion Trend?  I thought this was a fun question that I got to answer as part of my little bio for 2S4Y. My answers are Favorite Trend - Dressy Tees (like the ones at JCrew and Anthropologie), and Least Favorite Trend - High waisted Pants!
I look forward to reading your comments!  Thanks for visiting. Have a fabulous day!


~amy~ said...

Such a fabbie stamp set!!

Okay, least fav 'fashion trend' that the kids are sporting....extreme low riding pants...I mean come on canNOT be comfortable wearing your pants like that shaking my head)...

chantal said...

wow what a nice stampset fot the candy.
I agree with Amy.
Thx for the chance to win this set.
Hugs Chantal

Be(e) said...

Fun stamp set, Rosemarie! Thanks for this chance to win it! My least fave: those super mini skirts. No need to see your undies ;)

jolie n said...

I really like all the flowers and romantic details on tops right now. I don't like the look of pants that are too tight that make your waist look like you have a muffin top peeking over the top of your pants. Thanks for the chance to win.

Kathy Martin said...

Oh would this stamp set be super to have!!!!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Thank YOU for the chance to win!! What a cute set and amazingly one that I don't already have, lol!

Fashion trends?? I don't know! I wear what's comfortable for me and what's super cute for my five year old. Tired of "stars" looking trashy though!!

Cathleen McSorley said...

I got knocked out so let's try this again. LOL I love the stamp set. I am crossing my fingers. LOL My favorite fashion trend is summer dresses. They look so cool and comfortable. I'm too large but if I could I would have a whole closet full for summer. The least favorite is the pants the guys are wearing that are halfway between the waist and the thighs. Who wants to look at underwear or worse. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work.

Cathleen McSorley

Vicki said...

I love this stamp set too. Thanks for the opportunity to win it Rosemari!

I really dislike the whole gang look. I don't know who thought it was cool to dress up like fellons!

I also hate skinny leggings... I mean unless you are "skinny" (hense the name I guess) they really don't look good on.

I like classic style with a little trend to keep it current.

Thanks Rosemari. Great topic, I enjoyed reading everyone's answers!

Sandra said...

lovely stamp set. I try my luck. :-)
I like the berry colours, that are some kind of trend right now.
Hugs Sandra

Nora said...

I like the stamp set! But I would like to thank you for the inspiration you are giving me with your wonderful blog!
Hugs Nora

Amanda said...

What a lovely blog full of inspration! Now a follower and posted a clicky pic in my candy lane. Thanks for the chance to win this great stamp set - the sentiments would come in VERY handy.
Don't worry about fashion trends - I wear what I feel comfortable in.

Karen B. said...

That set is awesome! My favorite trend to see is the loose fitting scarves around necks, I know they've been out a while but I think where I live we all are a bit behind. My least favorite-trucker baseball hats worn sideways-I think you should wear the hat how its meant to be worn!
Thanks, Karen


Bulika said...

Thanks for the chance to win and I'm your follower. Linked it on my sidebar
Hugs from Ukraine!

Anonymous said...

Awesome stamp set, thank you for the chance to win!

Jaygirl said...

Love your work. You're awesome.

Now regarding fashion...I believe one must always wear age appropriate clothes.

Wilma said...

Thanks for the fabulous candy!
Oh, now I have to answer your fashion question: difficult, because I don't follow trends. I like cloths that I can combine: pants with a shirt that I can also wear with a skirt. Or a jacket that I can use with a jeans or my skirt. I don't buy: short skirts! They don't fancy me! (I have ugly knees;-))
My blog adress:

for2nately said...

Hi Rose! Fabulous candy as always :) Hmm fashion trends..I have to agree on the dressy T's comfortable and nice looking-as for what I dislike...the 80's styles-fluorescent colors, odd patterns and gladiator sandals. blah!

Jane said...

Oh my...I don't even know what is trendy anymore...working at home doesn't help.....I'm always in 'comfy' clothes!!!

Hannah said...

My least favorite fashion trend is little babies dressed like adults. I want kiddos to be kiddos.

Cute stamps!

Anonymous said...

Least favorite fashion trend...skinny jeans (one they don't look good on athletic, muscular legs and two I don't need to do the tapered ankle yet again!) and favorite is the large sunglasses!
Thanks for all the inspiration, Rose. Love your blog!


Birgit said...

Hi there,

Thanks for the chance to win such awesome stamps! :)

I don't follow fashion trends, but I love that purple is an in color that the moment. I found a wonderful purple purse a few weeks ago which I simply love!

Greetings from Munich,

sherry said...

Cute stamp set maybe I'll win it.
least favorite fashion? You don't need to wear your pajamas to the store. Do they really know what they look like?


Agus :) said...

ohh what a lovely stamp set!! thanks for the chance to win :) I have linked your candy on my sidebar! My email is on my profile
Here is my blog.

toscania-art-life said...

Great candy! Thanks for the chance to win. Feel free to enter my candy.

Sunny Penn said...

Dear Rose,

Thank you for the chance to win this awesome stamp set!

My least favorite fashion trend is skinny jeans. They are super uncomfortable to wear and look at. Unless you're 90 pounds, they show every detail of your cellulite.

With hugs,
Sunny : )

jelonkaa said...

Thanks for the chance to win. The message on my blog on the left side. I cordially greet from Poland :o)

sequin said...

Thank you! Super candy!

Kleeblatt said...

This is a great candy.
Thanks for the chance to win.
Wish your a wonderful weekend.
Hugs Monika

Heike said...

Wow, what a wonderful Blogcandy. Thanks for the chance to win, i've linked you on my sidebar and i'm a follower.....


mae said...

Great candy!
Thanks for the chance to win!!!!
I like comfortable clothes!!Hugs!!

Regena said...

Hi Rose...What Awesome candy u have here..thanks for the chance..

Regina said...

hello, Rose

what a fantastic blog candy! I love Stampin'Up-stamps and would love to win it!
I've linked your candy on my sidebar.
I'm so keeping my fingers crossed, thanks for the chance!

sending hugs Regina

Susan said...

I have always liked leggings with long tunic style tops and I guess I miss that.

I hate the new trend of Heavy or downright fat or obese people (and I, myself am obese) dress just like the slender gals...hip-huggers and belly tops, strapless tops, Halter tops, spaghetti string tops, bikini's or 2 piece bathing suits...for examples.

and while I am at it, I am not crazy about pregnant women having their bellies show under the bottoms of tops or be wearing skin-tight tops, cause they can't be bothered to buy maternity tops and or pants.

Lastly, I agree with your first poster, of the Hip-hop style of your pants being 3 sizes too big and hanging below their butt's.

Great giveaway, I soooo NEED a frog, and the stamp set is cute too!
thanks for the opportunity :)

Dina said...

What a cute set! Thanks for this chance to win it!

Светлана said...

Hi Rose! Fabulous candy as always :)

Cam said...

What a fantastic set. You can never have enough thank you set. Thanks for a chance to the blog candy.
ctcao at earthlink dot com