Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Halloween Costumes for the Fancy Favor Box

Hello! How are you guys doing so far this week? Hope all is well! I'm back with more Halloween projects to share with you. I seem to have been bitten by the Halloween bug! As my title suggests, I've found ways to create costumes for the Fancy Favor Bigz XL die! {And my blog banner, too!} So, it turns out this little box isn't just for wedding favors or parties of the super fancy variety. You can disguise it as a jack-o-lantern or a broom! I didn't make one yet, but you can certainly make a Frankenstein out of it too! It's all just up to you and what your creative mind can think of. Here are some basic instructions:

1. Cut the favor box out of a 6"x12" piece of textured Pumpkin Pie cardstock.
2. Create the eyes using the 1" circle punch and punch a second time to create the crescent shape; create the nose using 3/4" square punch, cut then cut corner to corner; create the mouth using the 1 3/4" circle punch, and punch again to create a crescent shape. For the teeth, I freehand cut notches out with my paper snips. Glue down using the Tombow glue.
3. Adhere the box together using sticky strip to ensure that the box is sturdy enough to hold whatever goodies you want to put inside.
4. Create a handle using a strip of 1"x7.5" of black cardstock. Fasten using mini brads.

{Broom favor}
1. Cut the favor box out of a 6"x12" piece of kraft packaging paper (tip: I used the crumpled kraft filler paper from one of my Stampin'Up! packages - you may as well repurpose all that package filler paper, right?)
2. Score the creases and shape the box. Make sure to crease the bottom flaps of the bag as well.
3. Using your paper cutter, cut 1/2" strips from the open top of the box down to the base of the box, up to about 1/8" from the bottom crease fold. This will make your broom strands. When you're done cutting, adhere the bottom base together to form the bottom of the box.
4. Take a small treat bag and fill with treats, then place it in the center of the box. Use a skewer or a twig to create your broomstick and put that inside your treat bag.
5. Gather up the strips to create your broom and then fasten together with twine or rope. Voila, you're done!

Hope you like these ideas - have fun playing with the fancy favor box!


Anonymous said...

Rose, This is awesome. The jack-o-lanterns face is so cute! Very neat broom:)

I love your Halloween banner. That little spider is my favorite!

Have a great day!

Miss Alison said...

Hey Rose - check out this post, my friend JoJo is having a halloween party... in her head... she has a similiar brown bag craft - well a link to it...


Anonymous said...

Love these Halloween ideas!
Thank you for the instructions!

Jane said...