Saturday, January 17, 2009

A tribute to CrossFit Birmingham

It's a new year and a popular goal for a lot of people is to get fit and work out. I'm no different - one of my goals is to stay on top of my workout regimen! That said, I am posting a little video montage of the making of CrossFit Birmingham, since my brother, Richard, has inspired me to make fitness and excerise a priority. He's a fitness guru, gym owner, and great CrossFit evangelist. Heck, he introduced me to the kettle bell, which has kicked my butt and made me sorely aware of muscles I didn't think existed! Below is the journey of CrossFit Birmingham, which opened in October 2008. You'll get a glimpse of my bro's family, friends and dedicated CrossFit members in Birmingham, who all have a common goal of creating and building a strong and fit community.

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Now, if you're sitting in front of the computer, humor me and carve out some time to work out today ;)