Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Post Thanksgiving Freebie Friday!

Hi all! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Did you guys eat as much as I did? I probably need to do some exercise activity today. Since it is "Black Friday", do you have any plans of braving the crowds and going shopping today? I may actually do a bit of that after I do some work of course. Yes, work. Being the newbie that I am, I've got to fulfill some work commitments. But it is what it is. And I am happy and thankful to have a job. Plus, the Retail Therapy afterwards will be fun and will give me some form of exercise for the day :)

So, are you ready for today's Freebie Friday? How about getting punchy? This scallop border punch is awesome - you've probably seen it showcased in a handful of cards I've posted ;)

To win this fun must-have punch, all you have to do is leave me a comment on this blog post with your name and email address or blog url - enough for me to contact you! You have until Sunday, November 29th at 12 NOON Pacific Time. Feel free to comment about anything, or tell me what your favorite Thanksgiving dish is. For me, I'd have to say it's the stuffing. My mother-in-law's recipe is so delish! We've got plenty of leftovers, so I'll probably be having more of that this weekend :)

Hope you enjoy the rest of your day! If you want to stay home and shop online, don't forget you can get lots of awesome Stampin'Up! stuff on sale til November 30th! You can go to my Demonstrator Website here, then click on the Shop Now button, and you'll be good to go!


Sam said...

hmmm - we don't do Thanksgiving or Black Friday here in the UK. But it all looks like fun to me, although I am not sure that the shopping frenzy would be to my taste!! Thank you for the offering!!

Lauren said...

My favorite Thanksgiving dish is the corn casserole we had for the first time this year. It will be making an appearance more frequently!

Anonymous said...

I'm a turkey fan-white meat please! I also want to say a big thankyou for sharing so many fun ideas. Enjoy your day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose,

Hope your turkey day was a good one. I don't go out on Black Friday so I'll just veg at home. I love this punch too.
Sherry Conrad

PysselVera said...

Nice punch! Stampin Up products are unfortunately not available where I live :(

We do not celebrate Thanksgiving here in Sweden like you do. But I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving any way! :)

Helen F. said...

What a fun prize, I have been stalking Martha Stewart's line at Michael's - waiting for a good coupon to come out :o)
Yeah, ate waaaay too much turkey and all the fixins yesterday, didn't get out to the stores before 8:30 this morning, but still found a couple of bargains. Hope you don't have to work too late and can get "some exercise" shopping today!

gocanucksgo said...

Hi Rose! Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving. You can't go wrong with pumpkin pie and whipped cream =Þ Keep up the fantastic work and thanks!!
canucks _ revelation at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

Favorite dish would probably be stuffing (I do need a good recipe though!) and country mashed potatoes.
I have never gone out shopping for Black Friday, but would sure love to. Maybe when the kids get older they can brave the crowds with me!
Thank you for the chance to win!

Cam said...

Happy Thanksgive Rose!!! Hope you had a great one. I certainly did and ate way too much. But it's only once a year, right? That's very generous of you. thanks. Gotta go shopping some more.

Marla said...

The sweet potato casserole was wonderfully delicious this year! Thank you for the Friday Freebie Thanksgiving! What a generous offer!

Melody (lacyquilter) said...

My favorite food for Thanksgiving is the stuffing. YUM!

Pearlann66 said...

I am not a big fan of turkey, so my favorite is the Cranberry sause, so strange that i don't buy it any other time of the year, but it is my favorite part of the meal!!

for2nately said...

Hi Rose!
Happy belated Turkey day! My favorite part of thanksgiving dinner is the stuffing with gravy-mmm! I didn't go out shopping today though I was very tempted with some of the great deals out there!
thanks for the chance to win!

Shesjetlagd said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too!! I haven't been able to place any SU orders of any kind since DH lost his job 2 mos ago, but I have quite the wish list. :) And, I must say I Love that punch... so awesomely versatile!

LaToya said...

Hi Rose, Love your blog. I'm with you, gotta love the stuffing. I made some for the 3rd time and it was definitely the charm. Everyone loved it. Practice makes perfect. Thanks for the chance to win the punch. I have used mine so much it cluncked out on me about 3 months ago and I haven't replaced it yet.


Ruth Norton said...

My favorite dish is also the stuffing! I love it!!
Thanks for the chance at an awesome punch!

Char in So Cal said...

Happy Belated Turkey Day everyone!!

Are you CRAZY??!! An SU! punch for a Friday Freebie??!! WOWZA!!

My FAVE Thanksgiving dish isn't a dish at all... what I LOVE is the after Thanksgiving turkey... cold turkey samies... on wheat bread... with TONS of mayo. SO YUMMY {grin!}

Thanks for the op to win. I am looking forward to 2010 with you and your FABBY blog :0)

Holiday Hugs,

Char in So Cal
{scrampaddict} {at} {cox} {dot} {net}

Anonymous said...

Yes, we ate too much. No, Black Friday shopping isn't quite my cup of tea. However, made it out to Michael's on Saturday. Thanks for a chance to win the neat punch. Love your site, by the way.

Jane said...

We don't do thanksgiving here but I love turkey!!! ;)
OH that punch is on my wish list!!!

Winter said...

Oh Man! I missed the deadline! I really wanted that punch too! :) Well my favorite dish is corn casserole! :)