Thursday, June 12, 2008

Days 11-13, Dubrovnik and Split, Croatia

Hello all. Well guess's raining again. We're in Split now and we did enjoy a couple of rain free days on Tuesday and Wednesday. Our second day in Dubrovnik was probably Michael's favorite day, where Michael was able to check out some foreign breasts - they seem to be big fans of going topless here. Of course, we have some staged pics of where he "took pictures" of me with some interesting scenery in the background, shall we say. It was entertaining - I'm sure you all will get the full extended version from Michael when we get back. So, back to the day - we did a beach day and walked the perimeter of the city walls. The beach was very pebbly but the water was soo clear and like a teal blue color. The city walls had the most awesome view of the town. The funniest part of the walk was when I went into one of the wall towers after another tourist and I got the most unpleasant wiff of bottled armpit smell. There's even documentation of this moment - Michael readied the camera for just the perfect shot of me exiting the tower with an expression on my face that pretty much says it all. Lucky for you all that the picture will not be a scratch and sniff.

On Wednesday, we took the bus to Split and had to get up super early. It was a long bus ride - just about 5 hrs, so we got in around lunch time. The lady we're renting the apartment from met us at the bus station, so that was helpful. Her place is awesome - it's a really cute seaside apartment that's right next to this restaurant that Rick Steve's recommended, Buffet Fife. It's nice and cheap and super convenient for us. So, Split is known as a big harbor town and it's biggest tourist draw is Diocletian's palace. Since it's over 1700 years old now, it's not as palatial as you'd think. Over the centuries, the palace was abandoned and now taken over by the Split locals. There's only a few spots that have remained intact, like the tower, and a few ruins here and there. It's interesting because it's been carved out into all kinds of modern shops inside, so the architecture is hodgepodge depending on when the locals decided to rebuild and rearrange that portion of the castle. Split is a bargain though compared to Dubrovnik, which is nice because we're going thru our cash like it was monopoly money (sad for us). At least the dollar looked a bit stronger today.

Now we're trying to figure out what to do since it's been pouring rain since this morning. Hopefully, it'll let up soon. Split seems like a fun town, so we're gonna go explore now. Adios for now!