Sunday, June 1, 2008

Day 1 and 2 of our European Trip!

Hi all! We made it to Europe and are now in the morning of our Day 3. The first couple days were pretty uneventful - mostly traveling. First to Toronto, then over to London. Even though we got into London at 9 am on Sunday morning, I think it was ambitious of us to think we could see some sights that day. What ended up happening was that after we got into the hotel, our "quick nap" ended up being a 5 hr one, so needless to say, not a whole lot of sightseeing. Oh - I have to tell you about our room, it is THE SMALLEST room I've ever stayed in for a hotel room. Basically room for the bed and a teenie bathroom, but not a whole lot of ground space. Once we opened up our luggage, there really was no where to walk! You'll see the pics when we get back. We walked around to Kensington Park after our nap and walked by Kensington Palace, where Diana used to live. Then we proceeded thru Notting Hill which is a cute little area (just like in the movie!) and then went to The Prince Edward Pub, where we met this local guy, Jamie, who provided us with some entertaining conversation. Like some fun facts - now we think gas is expensive in the about $12/gallon!!! That's basically what it converts to here. As Jamie said, "Petrol in the US is cheap!" Unbelievable, eh? Well, I better go for now cuz we are going to the Financial district today so Michael can see the LME. We're off to Prague tonight, so I'll update you guys when I get my next chance.