Friday, May 4, 2012

Great Deals on Retiring Accessories List!

Hey friends - interested in some great deals?  Check out Stampin'Up!'s Retiring Accessories list where you can get some products at 70% off!  Crazy, huh?  These great deals are available while supplies last, so if you really really want something, don't wait til May 31st in case it sells out!  As always, you can shop on my online store 24/7! 

Catch up with you guys in a bit.  In the meantime, hope you have a great weekend!


Dawson said...

Great to stumble across your blog. It looks really good and keep up the good craft!

Celia said...

Rose, is there any way I could convince you to turn off the music? I browse blogs as I watch TV. I hate the music and I resent someone commandeering my computer. I have you and Karen Barber and Julie Gearinger all on a tab that I rarely look at and only use once I have turned off my speakers. I think all 3 of you are hugely talented. I love the tags you did with the 2011-2012 in colors and I enjoy your sunny disposition. I even like your music choice, but I don't want to listen. Obviously, there's no way you can please everybody, and it's important to be true to yourself, but is commandeering a computer the "real" you? I just don't think so. I am fairly new to SU, but I have a gallery on SCS, user: cmagro

Rose said...

Hi Celia! I appreciate your comment, but the music is part of who I am, so I choose to have it on my blog. The good news is, you DO have the option to mute the player. Just scroll down on my blog and click on the megaphone which mutes the volume, or you can slide the volume to turn it down. Another option is, if you never listen to anything on the web, simply mute your speakers on your computer and you won't hear any music at all :)