Thursday, September 22, 2011

{Bliss}ful September Final Friday Giveaway!

Hi all!  Would you like to have another chance at Bliss?  Well, I'm happy to announce that this month's Final Friday Giveaway is the beautiful Bliss stamp set from this past Stampin'Up! Sale-a-bration! Soooo...if you love this stamp set and didn't get a chance to earn it thru Sale-a-bration, you can have your chance by leaving me a comment on this blog post.  {A quick note to my dear readers on Facebook, you'll have to go to my blog and leave me a comment here!}

Here are the rules {only enforced by the "Honor System"}:

1. Leave me a comment on this post by midnight Pacific Time, Wed, September 28th, 2011.
2. On your comment, please make sure to include a valid email address or a blog URL (where I can leave a comment or have a way of contacting you). For those of you that are uncomfortable with leaving an email in a post, you can write your info like this: yourname at emailaccount dot com.
3. One comment per person please. :)
4. Anyone can play - international visitors welcome!
Now, your comment can be about anything, but just for kicks and so that we can get to know each other better, how about you tell me about one memorable, funny, or happy thing that's happened to you this month?  For me, one very memorable thing that's happened this month that put a smile on my face was when Denver started cooing along with me to "You are my Sunshine."  It was the cutest thing ever and I'll never forget it!  Can't wait to read your comments!

Have a great day!


Cara said...

Thanks for the chance at the Bliss set (I've been trying in vain to get my hands on this one for aaaages!) - we Aussies don't always get the chance to participate in overseas giveaways!

The most memorable thing that has happened to me in the last month would have to be my 41st birthday just a few days ago - and actually coming to the realisation I don't mind being in my 40's at all!

Cara (

Judith said...

Hello Rose,
I loooooove butterflies and flowers, so I'd like to take a chance (-:
Thank you for de opportunity
Have a nice weekend,
greetings from The Netherlands, Europe, Judith

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the chance to win this. One of my most memorable moments among many this month was my oldest granddaughter turning 18. Where does all those years go????

Nancy L. said...

my 4 yr old boy always says and does funny things! but this time they made a dance with my 10 yr old daughter and it was so funny!

marthacreates said...

Thank you the opportunity to win!

My memorable moment this week was when I took my girls to pick up some sandwiches at Vons, and I was telling them about my childhood friend who used to work at Vons years ago. Well, 2 days later, she sends me a friend notification! She found me on Facebook. I couldn't believe it. Next week, we are meeting at a Starbucks for the first time in 25 years!! We have alot of talk about.


walchowDesign said...

Thanks for the montly giveaway, Rose! You are always so generous! Would love to be the owner of this lovely set!

Regena said...

thanks so much for ur monthly sweet of u!!

Nikki said...

Thanks for the chance to win such a sweet set
My good friend is gonna be back from her trip in time for halloween and we are gonna dress up her baby in a skeleton out fit to shell out candy should be really fun too :)
hugs Nikki

SueBee said...

My most memorable moment was my BEST friend telling me that she is now cancer free for 1 yr.!!

Deb B (Debadoo) said...

Thanks for the opportunity for the bliss set. My most memorable thing that happened was the night my 26 yr old son and I sat down and played Farkle all night. (Farkle is a dice game). We got so silly and laughed over everything. The dumber something was, the more we laughed about it. It was a great night, particularly because those are rare now that he's grown.

Margarita said...

I could use some bliss! And one of the memorable thing that happened to me this month was that the Detroit Tigers came to Oakland and I got to see my home team play and they won! Thanks for your generosity! Maragrita

Jean Fitch from jlfstudio said...

Hi Rose,

Such a deliciously blissful set and lovely of you to share! My funny moment as usual involves my cat Wicket. In addition to her usual duties she has added philanthropic benefactress. She comes and gets me when the little stray kitty we've named Misha comes to call. She's very insistent that this young cat be given food and water...not too sure she's happy about the petting he gets as well though - lol. No matter the time he shows up she's the perfect hostess...well that is unless she goes outside and joins him. When he tries to say thank you she bonks him on the nose or hisses at him as if she can't bear to have him around. Weird but funny when watching it. Has me wondering whether at 15 she is experiencing the mood swings of menopause. Do cats suffer through that too?

Crossing my fingers and toes that a little "bliss" drops into my stamping room.

Hugs and blessings to your musical Denver!

Anonymous said...

We just got back from a week in Arizona and we have a friend come to the house to take care of our furry friend so they don't have to be alone. Well, this morning I walked out the backdoor and my pug,Lucy looked at me as if to say, "I forgot you were home" and ran to me for many pets. We have a yellow lab also but no look from her. She just came over to enjoy the pats on her head.

Jodi said...

Hi Rose!

What an awesome story about Denver! I'm so happy for you! I have two high schoolers, and my memorable moment from this month was when my daughter (a freshman!) got asked to play as the starting catcher on the high school varsity softball team! Way cool!


Anonymous said...

Debbie G
Thank you for the chance to win this beautiful set.
The most memorable moments is spending this whole month helping my Daughter & her family pack up the house to move back to the other side of the state, close to Me & her friends. I missed being closer to them.
debbieanng at yahoo dot com

Chloe said...

Rose, I just want to say "wow" love all those beautiful cards!!!

Ok, memorable moment of the week... Yesterday my 4yr daughter said to her daddy "I really do like you daddy.... but mummy makes better eggs so she's still my favourite" :-)

Chloe (

Kathy Martin said...

That's a cool Stampin' Up set! Would love to win! If so here's my e-mail

Anonymous said...

My husband made me a delicious dinner for my Birthday and even baked a cake....he even researched all the recipes to make sure they complied with my new gluten free diet! :)
As always, I am inspired by all of your creativity! Thanks!

Romaine said...

I love this set! What a sweet memory! Mine is my 9 y/o ds's excitement when he found out that you can light a fart! And then the groaning as he tried to force one out on the fire we were having so that he sound see it light up! (gross, I know, but was truly hysterical had you been there!) :0)

sweet said...

Hello! I am a new follower and just love all the beautiful crafts you create.
My most memorable moment this month happened today... my DD has been trying hard to learn the hula hoop and today she finally got it. The happiness on her face is what got me.

Robyn said...

Hi Rose

I would love to receive this stamp set in the post. I have finish exchange student who is always receiving mail from overseas and i think its about time the mail was for me, pretty please


Ruth S said...

Love this set! Thanks for a chance to win ;)
This month I got totally drenched - three different times even! - walking to the train station for my work commute. Not so fun, I know. But each time there was an amazing rainbow too. Makes getting wet all worthwhile.
Loved reading everyone's memories, Rx

Verna said...

Would love to win Bliss; thanks for the chance! Anyone who has grandkids has lots of "smile" moments! My daughter and I have a pair of identical sandals; she said my 17-month old grandson picked up one of hers and said, "Nana." He thought they were mine!! Then he started looking for me! That definitely put a big smile on my face!


Kathy Mc said...

Thanks, Rose, for the chance to win Bliss! This stamp set has been on my wish list after seeing so many darling cards made with it.

This month I got to see my grandnephew in MN for the first time (born July 19) and attended his baptism (9/17) as my DH and I (live in WA) are his godparents. Truly Awesome!

bdlakebum at yahoo dot com

Cindy said...

Just browsing some of my favorite blogs and noticed you were giving the chance to win Bliss. I have been dying for this set. I also love your post from last Oct, the cute Halloween boxes. I keep that page bookmarked for those instuctions.
Thanks for the opportunity to win.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the opportunity of having a chance to win this awesome Bliss stamp set. Pick me, Pick me....

Christina (

meredith said...

just came across your, love, love it! It's so cute, you give me inspiration to create!

Meredith (

Pam said...

Hi Rose! Just love your creative talent and this website! Became a SU demo in August, more a hobbist and I'm my best customer! Thank you for sharing your ideas, there are very special people in your life who are lucky to receive your packages of love in the mail! Good luck being a mom--it really goes quick, all four of my little people are in school now. Maybe I will get more stamping done now? :) That would be "bliss"!
Pam (